Sm 138 Drum Motor

SM138drum motor has a wide range of power and speed, and it is a flexible component. It is famous for its high efficiency, high power and stable operation. SM138 drum motor is mainly used for belt conveying equipment of medium load. The maximum effective power of the motor can reach 1.10kW, and it is most widely used in airport baggage handling and food processing industries.

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Product Features:

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The standard SM138 drum motor is made of low carbon steel, and the finished roller surface is coated with anti-rust oil. The shell material of food grade SM138 drum motor is 304 stainless steel. The surface of the standard SM138 motor drive roller is with non-slip thread. All the SM138 drum motor have been oiled in the factory accordance with the standard before delivery. Oil need to be changed every 50000 hours. When the frequency of SM138 drum motor at 50Hz or 60Hz, it is applicable to all kinds of voltages all over the world. The motor insulation grade of SM138 motor drive roller is F grade. All motors of SM138 drum motors are attached with superheat protectors. According to customers’ requirements, we can produce many different kinds of non-standard motor drive rollers.

Product Parameters:

Parameters of SM 138 drum motor
Roller diameter 138mm
Voltage 1 phase 230V/50HZ; 3 phase 400V/50HZ
Roller length (RL) 500 mm( 300mm-1500mm)
Shell material Carbon steel galvanized, rubber coated

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Application and After-Sales Service:

SM138 drum motors are widely used for security screening machine (airport and station), airport baggage handling system, packing machinery, power belt scale, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, meat and poultry processing industry, postal sorting, belt conveyor, agricultural products sorting and transportation equipment. If the sample order below 10 pieces of smart roller, the production lead time is 1-10 days, and the bulk order like 100 pieces needs about 1 month, and more than 200 pieces need to be negotiated. Our factory will provide professional, convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly packaging services to guarantee the safety of customers’ goods.

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