Sm 113i Drum Motor

Oil-cooled drum motor is specially developed for applications requiring strong driving forces. The SM113i drum motor can be used for transmission equipment with special requirements for transmission system space, low noise and high power. Using means of high-tech processing, by means of precision grinding high alloy steel gear and special high-precision assembly method, it has reached the world-class level of this kind of products in terms of operating noise and power requirements.

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Product Features:

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The shell material of standard SM113i drum motor is low carbon steel, and the finished roller surface is coated with anti-rust oil. Non-slip thread is used in the surface of the motor drive roller, and this prevents rusting and slipping effectively. When the cable of the motor drive roller comes out, the standard length of the cable shall be 1.2 meters. Belt speed and length of motor drive roller can be made according to customers’ requirements. The heat-dissipating method of our SM113i drum motor is oil immersion heat dissipation. Our factory can produce various kinds of non-standard motor drive rollers according to different customers’ different requirements. Our motor drive roller has the CE security certificate of international authoritative organization.

Product Parameters:

Parameters of SM 113i drum motor
Roller diameter 113mm
Voltage 1 phase 230V/50HZ; 3 phase 400V/50HZ
Roller length (RL) 500 mm( 300mm-1500mm)
Shell material Carbon steel galvanized

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Application and After-Sales Service:

SM113i drum motors are widely used for small conveyors, high load circulation, airport check-in conveyors, packaging equipment, food processing, pharmaceutical processing, power belt scales and steel or plastic modular belt applications. We are manufacturer, our factory have large number of technicists, workers and many professional production lines, and we always try our best to shorten the production lead time and deliver goods to our customers as soon as possible. Our products’ quality, technology, credit and services are recognized by customers and the industry, we are the industry’s advanced research and development production enterprises.

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